Spectre Fleet is an Online Gaming Community that was founded in 2013. What started as a small group of friends who had met through Eve Online, has since become a large community with over 8000 active members from every major timezone. As a community we focus on the social aspect of gaming, providing a place where gamers can hang out and play together, with no obligations.

Spectre Fleet is a “Not Purple, Shoot It” community, run by volunteers from different alliances and playstyles. This means that your fleet members are your friends, and everyone else is your enemy, regardless of what your standings may be outside of Spectre Fleet.

In order for you to become a Fleet Commander for Spectre Fleet, we first have to know if you have any previous experience - you don’t need any experience to join, but if you have prior experience then there is no point in treating you like a rookie.

To get started, read the Spectre Fleet FC guide, which is full of useful information about what Spectre Fleet expects from our Fleet Commanders. If you are interested in exploring this further, please fill out an application, which can also be found in the channel’s MOTD.

If you decided to submit an application, a recruiter will get in touch with you to schedule an interview. If a recruiter has not contacted you within a week of submitting your application, Contact a Senior Fleet Commander in-game or ping on the Spectre Discord. If all goes well, your final test will be running a fleet while a member of the Command Team shadows you. This is mostly to help guide you through the process of running a NPSI fleet, as well as managing Mumble so you can focus on the task at hand. Assuming you receive approval from your shadow FC, you’ll be able to start running fleets right away!

All applicants are required to register their FC character on this website via CCP's Single Sign-On mechanism, in order to apply.