It doesn't matter if you're a brand new Junior Fleet Commander, or if you're a bittervet who is new to the NPSI community. This document is intended to provide the basic rules regarding how to operate as a Fleet Commander in Spectre Fleet. You should refer to this document first if you are unsure about any rules regarding Spectre Fleet, however this guide is far from exhaustive. If you encounter a situation that is not covered by the guide, ask a Commander about the appropriate course of action. If you think there is something missing from this guide, then please inform a current member of Staff.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Spectre Fleet
    • NPSI
    • Ships, not Structures
    • Mumble
  • Rules and Etiquette
    • Community
    • Your Fleets
    • Other Commander
  • Fleet Operations
    • Scheduling
    • Forming
    • Afterwards
  • Commander Ranks
    • The Ranks
    • Promotions
    • Commanders
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Conclusion

Spectre Fleet

What is NPSI?

Spectre Fleet is a community that operates under the Not Purple Shoot It (NPSI) rules of engagement. This means that anyone in your fleet (purple on your overview) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target. You are still welcome to work with other groups under temporary "blue" standings, however this is usually only done for large events or arranged fights. If you encounter someone that's personally blue to you while in Spectre Fleet, you do not have to engage them, however the rest of your fleet will still be free to engage regardless of whether you're just a fleet member or the Fleet Commander.

It is strictly forbidden from using Spectre Fleet as your personal army. For example, if someone is shooting a personal tower, you are not allowed to form a Spectre Fleet for the purpose of defending it unless you want to be hellpurged. There are very very few exceptions to this rule. Please don't do it.

Ships, not Structures

People join Spectre Fleet in order to participate in fleet PvP, not to grind down structures or entosis nodes. Attacking structures such as starbases, TCUs, IHUBs, Jump Bridges, etc are all off limits. There are better ways of provoking a fight than attacking structures or sovereignty, so don't do it.
With the introduction of citadels we have to add an exception to this rule. Citadel timers are more concentrated and less grindy. The new additional rule is; go for the final timer, do not use spectre JUST to reinforce a citadel. If you get a fight while reinforcing it is fine, but never form a fleet JUST to reinforce a citadel.


Any fleet that is formed using the Spectre Fleet channel must use the Spectre Fleet Mumble. You are not allowed to bring people onto your personal Teamspeak unless the Spectre Fleet Mumble is unavailable or you get special permission from a Commander.

Rules and Etiquette


As a Fleet Commander, you should always be respectful in local, fleet, and the main channel. It is important to help players who are new to the channel understand how NPSI works, so either assist them or pass them along to someone who can. You are welcome to "mute" people in the main Spectre Fleet channel if you deem it necessary, however if you think someone is deserving of a ban, then please defer that decision to a Commander.

Your Fleets

Your fleet members have trusted you with their ships, be cognisant of their contributions and try not to throw them away needlessly. Always have a plan, but don't get angry if the fleet goes poorly or if your fleet members screw up. We get a lot of new players in our fleets - be kind to them, help them, or delegate someone to help if they have questions. After your fleet ends, talk to them about how they did and how to improve if you have the time.

Try not to purposely get your fleet destroyed unless that's what people want, which does happen. If people won't stop talking during battle comms, give them a clear, friendly warning first. If that doesn't work, mute them.

Know what you're good at, and don't bite off more than you can chew. Not everyone can command a 256 man fleet and sometimes even those people can't FC a 10 man frigate fleet. However, if you want to learn, the rest of the team will help you out. Talk to a commander if you'd like to be paired with an experienced commander who can help you learn how to run different kinds of fleets.

If somebody violates your rules, you are free to tell them that you are kicking them for what reason, give them atleat 10 seconds to run, kick them.

Any valuable loot (above 25 million) should be handled by the FC. Raffle it, SRP your fleet, blow it up for bob, just handle it someway. Fleet members get annoyed when one guy keeps looting billions every fleet, avoid this, handle the loot!

Other Commanders

Do not backseat, criticize, or argue with another commander during their fleets. It is extremely annoying for them, and it's not fun for fleet members who have to hear two Fleet Commanders arguing. If you really don't like how they ran their fleet, talk to them in Spectre Command after the fleet, not in private conversation. Do not, under any circumstances, argue with or disrespect another commander in Spectre Fleet chat or over open comms, take it to Spectre Command or the Command channel on Mumble.

Fleet Operations


Schedule your fleets in advance if possible in the Spectre MOTD under "Upcoming Fleets" using the format shown here.

Do not schedule or form a fleet within an hour of an already scheduled fleet - be respectful and allow the scheduled FC the opportunity to form their fleet without having to compete for numbers. Once the actively forming fleet is formed and has departed you may start forming a different fleet. For static fleets (Blops, Gatecamps, etc.) that do not have a set formup period, talk to the current FC if you'd like to form an active fleet.

Do not schedule or form a fleet on Saturdays between 18:00 and 21:00 as the weekly Ganked fleets are run during this time block. In the event of a time critical High Value Target (HVT) kill such as a supercapital, active or planned fleets may be cancelled at the discretion of a Commander. Do not waste people's time by not showing up for your own fleets, remove ahead of time if you know you won't make it or ping on Discord for someone to remove the fleet for you. Do not remove the fleet of another FC, ever. MOTD scheduling is first come first serve.


If you wish to form a fleet place a message under the "Active Fleet Status" section using the following format.
Add extra info in the XUP channel.

(XUP Channel Link) - (Doctrine) w/ (FC) @ (Location)

Add color to indicate what area of space you'll be operating in, as per the key found in the in-game MOTD. Green for highsec; Yellow for lowsec; Red for nullsec and wormhole space; Purple for Training fleets; and Blue for Special/Incursion fleets.
As your fleet is forming, keep the MOTD updated. If you have departed and are no longer inviting new members, change the MOTD to "departed".


Once your fleet has ended, remove your fleet from the MOTD and XUP channels. Add unique killmails or killmails of substantial value to the "Kill of the Day" section. The MOTD cannot handle a large number of killmail links, so please limit this section to 5 killmails. Finally, link the FC Feedback Form to your fleet members. This is absolutely mandatory for every fleet, as if allows the Commanders to keep track of who is running fleets and how they are doing.

Commander Ranks

The Ranks

There are three different "ranks" of Fleet Commander in Spectre Fleet.

The "Senior Fleet Commanders" or "Commanders" are the individuals who manage the overall community, set policy, enforce rules, and manage internal disputes. The current people who hold this rank can be found here.

The "Fleet Commanders" are the individuals who run fleets and provide content to the community on a regular basis. Fleet Commanders have either proven themselves capable, or have previous experience, and are free to run fleets whenever they want, in whatever doctrine they want with a limit of roughly 350 mil ISK per fit. Exceptions being capitals, T3 cruisers, Full command ship fleets, Navy BS fleets and T2 BS fleets.

The "Junior Fleet Commanders" are individuals who are still learning how to run fleets, and are limited to T1 ships and 125 mil ISK per fit (typically Cruisers and below). There is no formal training program, although many Fleet Commanders develop mentor relationships with Junior Fleet Commanders to help them learn.

The Senior Fleet Commanders are the commanders of a certain timezone. Your status as a Junior Fleet Commander may be revoked for violating our rules or if one of the Senior Commanders deems it necessary. There is no appeal process.


Once you have proven yourself and have gained the necessary experience as a Junior Fleet Commander, you may be recommended for a promotion to Fleet Commander. This recommendation must come from a current Fleet Commander, and any Senior Fleet Commander can veto the promotion. How you get a Fleet Commander to recommend you for promotion is a matter of personal choice: you may talk to one if you believe your ready and see if they feel the same, fellow Fleet Commanders may pass along their own recommendations to a Commander without you knowing, or a Commander may simply choose to promote you on their own accord.

Commanders will be primarily looking at your feedback to determine if you should be promoted. After having gained a recommendation from a Commander with no veto from the other Commanders, a Junior Fleet Commander will be granted full Fleet Commander status.

Gaining full FC tags is a gesture to a commander's abilities and commitment to Spectre Fleet. You have proven yourself capable to have reached this point and the community will now fully expect that from you. Having reached this point you are now even more so a representative of our community and it is expected that you help other Junior Fleet Commanders reach this point.


Spectre Fleet was headed by Jayne Fillon and a group of selected Commanders, but as of 2018 it is managed by Commanders and Staff. These Commanders typically plan and FC the larger Spectre Fleet events, and coordinate with other groups, while Staff run things behind the scenes in order to keep things moving. There are three tiers within the Commander structure. Senior Fleet Commanders are specialised in one or more combat styles, while regular FCs are trusted general fleet commanders. Junior FCs are new to Spectre Fleet's style of operations but have previous EVE FC experience, while Trial FCs are new to FCing in general. Specific Staff manage the FCs in different timezones. Additionally there are those that may not actually run fleets or event, but help out with Tech, Media and other admin jobs as necessary.

Tips and Tricks

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate: It's impossible to do everything yourself. Assign someone to answer easy questions, help with ship fit problems, manage your logistics, scouts, cap chains, etc.
  • At the start of your fleet, ask for scouts and tell them what they need to do, how far ahead they should go, what they should be looking for etc. Ensure to watchlist scouts so you have easy fleet warp ability.
  • Use Priority speaker on comms.
  • Be clear and concise on comms.
  • Repeat yourself, but not too many times, two or three times is enough.
  • Repeat yourself, but not too many times, two or three times is enough.
  • Try not to panic if you get overwhelmed. A bad decision is better than no decision.
  • Your fleet member's emotions and attitudes will always mirror yours. Stay positive.
  • Always keep talking. The worst thing you can do in a fight is to stop talking. If you need to get your bearings, at least give your fleet an align point and tell them to free fire tackle until you can start target calling again.
  • Keep your fleet informed about what you're doing, but don't tell them your whole plan because there can be spies in a public fleet setting. For example: "We're being chased by X but I have a route out", rather than "We're being chased by X and we're going to Y to get away".
  • If you have another FC in your fleet, don't be afraid to use their knowledge. Talk to them in Spectre Command, on comms, or not at all, whatever you prefer. We're here to help, but only if you ask for the assistance.
  • A good way to try to get more fleet members is to get a niche for your fleets. Get good at something you enjoy and that joy will pass on to the members of your fleet and they will come back to you for more. Be creative, and find what kind of fleet PvP you enjoy.
  • USE THE FEEDBACK FORM! At the end of all your fleets, you should be asking people to fill it out, and then you should read your feedback, and the feedback for other commanders as well. You might just learn something new and improve your FC skills.


That's all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Commander. If you don't have a question, go run a fleet!