Big Game Hunters [Experimental Branch]. Same idea as BGH but with Moa's as the primary DPS and support+tackle as well for a more compartmentalised fleet. Main idea is significantly higher DPS while retaining reasonable mobility.

Logistics have a choice between T2 frigates or T1 scythes. I'd prefer the frigates but the scythes provide a cheap alternative. Scythes warp as fast as the cruisers and are cap stable without their MWD running.

Moa is 200mm, hyperspatial with approximately 1500m/s and ~40k ehp. Ranges between 15-80k  w/T2 guns + ammo. Use meta varients as neccessary if lacking skills.

The listed interceptors are suggested fits but should be dual tackle fit, one scram and one point and these stay with the fleet while scouts hunt. Upon scouts tackling a target, fleet inties go forward to assist scouts and provide extra tackle to free up the scouts. Will require 2-4 per fleet.

The Hyena serves as application support to the moa's with long range paints during fights/whaling kills as well as long range webs for gate catches. Stays with the fleet at all times and anchors on the FC. 2 max. required per fleet.

Official fit frigate logi as a suggestion however final logi fit choice up to the pilot. 


Combat Type Mid Range
Created by Cryonano
Created on December 27th, 2018
Last edited December 30th, 2018