Echo Fleet is an shield nullsec doctrine based around the
Caldari battlecruiser "Ferox".

This composition is able to engage targets at medium
to long range easily and can also engage into close
quarters if needed.

Ferox pilots will be given t1 command bursts to fit on
their ships and load one of the command burst charges.
If you can use a t2 command burst - please fit your own

If you are a new player and have trouble with affording
or fitting the modules on the main Ferox fit - feel free
to bring the "Newbro Friendly" version instead.

For the newest of new players - the vigil lies as an option
which is extremely cheap and extremely easy to fly.

To make your life easy - the website has an "export" function on
ship fittings.
Click the "Export Fit" button - copy the text which shows up.
Go into the game, open up your fitting menu (ALT + F).
Make sure the wrench to the left of your ship is clicked so that
you can see the fittings menu.   At the bottom left click "Import & Export"
and click "Import from clipboard".

With this you can then click the "Buy All..." button at the bottom of the fit
then enter the ship and click "Fit" to automatically load all the correct modules

I highly recommend you go to a tradehub - the best one being "Jita IV - Moon 4 -
Caldari Navy Assembly Plant" however there are other tradehubs in the game.
Be sure to ask in "SF Spectre Fleet" for any further advice or questions.


Combat Type Mid Range
Created by Haunting Deity
Created on June 18th, 2018
Last edited October 8th, 2018