Kitchen sink armor assault frigate fleet with Logi support. Either T1 or T2 logi appriciated. Offical Spectre Fleet logi ships have been listed but again its kitchen sink so the final deciscion is yours. T3D's now welcome on BGH. They arn't as tanky because of no ADC however in defense mode they are still formidable for their size. As long as its an armor T3D and its MWD go ahead and feel free.

The fits listed are placeholder to allow me to create a fleet and also some ideas if your struggling with your own. If you have a fit and want to share it with the fleet please EVE mail me (Cryonano) and i'll pop it up. Thanks. All suggestions considered.

PS. Currently looking for T3D armor fits for the Hecate and the Svipul (Might not be possible). 

PSS. We're no longer accepting AB fits on BGH due to people being left behind/stuggling to get on kills.

Credits to - Dopenose Lameth for the Enyo fit.


Combat Type Close Range
Created by Cryonano
Created on March 1st, 2018
Last edited April 14th, 2018