Ganked  300 fits. IF you cannot fly these exact fits do the following: Match ship speed, match ship tank type, match ship range.


Apoc Navies are much preferred.

Alt ships are the T1 BS's.

IF you cannot fly any of the listed ships here are some other OK choices, these are by no means great and you should really try to fly the listed ships instead;


A couple of WEBBING/Painting ships would be nice to have, but tell the FC if you are bringing a Web loki/Bhaal or huggin


As for links, We need the following; all 3 armor links (these are probably sorted), Information link (lock range), All 3 skirmish the priority of speed--> web/point range --> signature.


Combat Type Mid Range
Created by Dizzop Bengal
Created on November 20th, 2017
Last edited November 23rd, 2017