This is a nullsec gatecamp doctrine.  Used to give people an idea of what to bring on a nullsec gatecamp, but of course we're flexible.  I do not have a preference for logi, we don't really do logi.  If a bigger force shows up, we scatter.

For DPS, mostly we use Cruisers as the standard, and Caracals are on contract in Dital.  You can of course bring other cruisers.  

The standard Ferox and Brutix for damage are listed here in case we reship, these are usually on contract...

Usually what we are missing is either an Interdictor (Sabre) or webs.  If you can fly a Webbing cruiser or a HIC, that would be cool as well, but KEEP THEM SAFE!  Fancy cruisers will be the first targets the enemy wants.


Combat Type Close Range
Created by Glen Burney
Created on July 27th, 2017
Last edited August 9th, 2017