Fleet Etiquette:

As in all BLOPS fleets, once you land on grid, ALIGN OUT. The only exception is if the hunter calls for secondary point.

Don't bump the BLOPS, etc.

Most important thing in BLOPs fleets: if the FC calls for you to warp cloaked, YOU WARP CLOAKED!



Nemesis and Manticores preferred over Hounds and Purifiers for EWAR in the extra mid slot.

Damps far outweigh the utility of TP unless in the rare case of hunting smaller targets. A target painted battleship is not nearly as useful as a battleship that takes 2-3 times longer to lock anything.

All bomber fits are designed for mobility and tank. A dead bomber is useless no matter how much DPS you do. Keep your polarized shit docked up!

With a MSE, you should be able to withstand 1-2 extra vollies from the target. MWD and AB are interchangable and up to the pilot. AB may increase survivability by decreasing signature radius, but lower mobility as well.

Very rarely will the FC call for bombs. If needed, Focus Void Bombs may be used for capital targets. In this case replace cyno with bomb launcher and remove MSE. 



Recons are preferred in this order: 

Falcon > Rapier and Arazu > Pilgrim


Secondary Backup Cynos:

It is recommended for all fleet members to fit a T1 or Covert Cyno and the appropriate amount of Liquid Ozone. It is not necessary for everyone to fit it, but highly recommended for Recon pilots. Cyno's can be offlined and only used when necessary. 

Bombers will need to offline their cyno in order to make any of the recommended fits work.


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