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Firstly, thank you for your prompt response to our call to action, within 1 week we have secured for our most-favoured issue 1.5x the vote count of the next highest competitor.

With this issue likely secured in CCP's shortlist of things to do Soon™, we can look to further benefit from our strong community turnout. The following are a few issues we think Spectre Fleet / NPSI / all Eve players would find most beneficial, and if you agree it only takes a few seconds to add your weight to CCP's decision.

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I'm sure you're all familiar with CCP's Single Sign On page, where practically every modern Eve website redirects you to in order to log in (which is a good thing), and yet it always presents all 3 characters that your account has, without pre-selecting the one you and the referring website know you want to choose. If this has ever annoyed you, then that's where voting for SSO Issue #10 comes in, which would enable referring sites to hint to CCP which character to select for you, saving you time & effort and reducing the number of times everyone has to start the process again due to misclicking.

Next up, in anticipation of CCP fixing the chat data mechanisms such that this website might regain a reliable fleet schedule listing (for you to request invites to), and as a feature that would benefit every single fleet or invite-assisting tool created by 3rd party developers, we'd like to draw your attention to ESI issue #774. A vote for this would significantly improve how smoothly & robustly such FC-assisting tools can find an FC's in-game fleet, as well as not get tripped up by common hand-over actions FCs perform while setting up fleets, when incapacitated in the middle of combat or sustaining longer-running events.

The next 3 lesser issues suggested as ones you might also vote on if you want to help our community are:

Issue #817 to help NPSI communities know who's (ab)using their chat channel settings.
Issue #814 to help all developers know when there's a new Static Data Export, used to define e.g. the latest ship slot layout changes or new modules, for your favourite fitting tools.
Issue #766 to bring the fleet API up to date with the somewhat-recently introduction of adjustable maximum fleet sizes.

Thank you again & in advance for your votes and assistance with bringing these improvements to CCP's attention.

If you have any other ideas for ways Spectre Fleet could benefit from improved API changes, you can suggest them directly via GitHub, or contact @tech on our Discord server if you want us to help refine & formulate them to CCP.