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TL;DR: We Want Each Of You To Thumbs-Up ESI Issue #349 For NPSI 👍

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As you're no doubt aware, NPSI communities generally operate without the benefits of Eve's corporation or alliance mechanics, instead being highly dependant upon chat channels to maintain contact with their participants. Spectre Fleet is no different, and we highly leverage our channel & its Message Of The Day to deliver both general information to fresh pilots, as well as a central place to find our schedule of future fleets.

Since the March 20th chat channel changes, we have faced a number of difficulties in continuing regular operations, such as enabling new FCs' rights, or relaying the MOTD schedule to this website. We have a compliant implementation on our end of this data bridge, based on CCP's latest ESI system, but they acknowledge that they are sending stale, effectively useless data to us from their end, with no ETA on a fix.

While we internally develop ways to circumvent such problems rather than just wait for a fix, this latest announcement from CCP also described a new opportunity for our community members to help all NPSI entities:

"We need your help deciding what to tackle first. We would like to start a new system where thumbs up emojis are king. We are going to begin sorting feature requests by "thumbs ups", so please find the feature requests you care about and add a thumbs up to the parent comment."

For well over a year now, we at Spectre Fleet have most desired a mechanism to not just read channel data from in-game to this website, but to write back down that same route. In short, the benefits would be a far more legible MOTD with no need for the current cryptic schedule format, with the ability to reliably link up all in-game references to FC & system names for ease of use (think trivial setting of AP waypoints), and to reduce our need to grant Operator access to every FC that wants to run a fleet for our players. For the benefit of all our staff, players, and other similar NPSI communities, we ask you to please Thumbs-Up ESI Issue #349 For NPSI! 👍

Additional lower-priority Feature Requests we have interest in include #815, #817 and #818. Votes for these would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Daneel Trevize & the rest of Spectre Fleet