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No, despite the lack of recent articles, Spectre's not dead or in some permanent winter hibernation.

As an NPSI community, we exist very much in-the-moment, without significant interest in documenting all previous activities or publishing detailed future plans. Instead our members & FCs are far more interested in whatever the conflict or intel of the day is, and reacting with a fleet that's best at the time. Because of this, there haven't been many After Action Reports written up, and any new members only had the ~1week's worth of fleets in the channel MOTD (Message Of The Day) to plan their attendance around. Thus, for Spring 2017, you may have noticed we've reassessed how this website can best serve our past, current and future members, by giving it a significant overhaul and change of focus.

Spectre's History Is History No-More

Firstly there's a new menu & content hierarchy, with Articles being under the Community section, and the significant additions being the auto-generated Fleets & Commanders activity histories sections. Building upon the Eve channel & killmail APIs, we've begun collecting public records of our schedules & successes, and presenting this to visitors so that they may better recognise how we operate, and which fleets would be most convenient for them to join.

Feel free to browse this resource to see our favoured form-up locations, times and doctrines, as well as FC Profiles, to see which might best suit your chosen playstyle.

Digital Feedback Is Real

Next up, something that hasn't changed is how we value anonymous feedback submitted via the site. We strive to have the feedback form conveniently linked in every fleet, and our FCs & staff constantly use this system to help deliver the content & experience that you convey that you want. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we passed the huge milestone of 10,000 individual feedback submissions, in a little over 1 year of the system being live!

This chart shows how we seem to be generally delivering very well on what our members want.

You can also see where we streamlined the process in August 2016, as people generally express a rather polarised experience of a given fleet, either enjoying an action-packed roam, a chill camp, or having an unfortunate & rare loss of ship &/or fleet without the expected outcome.
Furthur improvements to this vital quality control loop are planned, and we welcome feedback regarding all aspects of our community.

Push Button, Receive Invite

The next major improvement to the website is how it supports our FCs in doing what they do best: forming and flying fleets. To make their jobs easier, as well as more consistent, and also increasing the convenience to everyone, we have our overhauled online Invite Request system.

Through this, you can register your interest in a scheduled fleet, at any time & from anywhere with an internet connection, and once you simply log in-game at the form-up time, you'll be sent a fleet invite without having to list another finger (we will be keeping the X-UP channels for fallback purposes). Meanwhile, our FCs can have the website and Eve's APIs do much of the forming work for them, in setting up fleet MOTDs, pinging our public Discord to alert people that now's the time to log in/drop their PvE fleets, helping disconnected fleet members and a host of other conveniences.

For more information on this system, feel free to read the FC's guide to it. A short video demo is in the works for mid-month release. This week we're also proving-out an FC-specific Discord bot to help FCs & staff react to any late-forming or last-minute-rescheduled fleets, to endeavour to not miss even 1 requested invite, given that you've already taken the time to register that request for us.

Shoutouts to a few recent Spectre events

We recently provided an Escort Fleet send-off for one of our own leaving us after many years, with Artemis Pachet's Officer-fitted Erebus Titan being the star of the show on the evening of March 11th.

A few weeks later we 3rd-partied a similarly-suicidal Vendetta's demise, ironically also in Oijanen, where over 1000 people managed to earn a place on the killmail.

At the end of April, we held our second annual Ashurman memorial roam, in memory of our departed friend, over the same long weekend as the rest of Eve similarly took the time to remember other eternal capsuleers such as John Bellicose.

On a brighter note, the player RT Cancer is leaving us to take care of his twins, and as a parting gift he has donated us almost 100billion ISK! With this, we've already improved the services in our freeport citadel in our most-frequented form-up location of Dital, and plan to put the vast remaining portion towards events and schemes such as small-gang tournaments and official Ship Replacement Programmes. Details to be announced in the coming weeks!