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At 23:30 today a Providence Fortizar class citadel will enter its vulnerability period at the end of its anchoring cycle. This means that for 15 minutes it will be able to be destroyed without going through any reinforment cycles, and a 13(ish) Billion ISK kill can be yours. To get this done we will be forming Ironman T3s, staged out of Esa to get to our target ASAP. With this comp and the window of opportunity we have, this will be a Go/No-go operation, we either get the fleet comp we need to fight and have a chance in time or we stand down, no Ifs, Ands or Buts.
So these are the important bits you need to know and what I'll need from you:

Fleet composition: Ironman T3s,

Formup: Esa @ 22:30, depart if Go @ 23:00.
This is a set time, either we are there in time or this does not happen, so be in system ready to join up early! If fleet has to stand down for whatever reason, the call will be made around form-up time.

FC: Douglas Aurelius.
Contact the FC team for any question if I'm not available.