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We have an enormous responsibility to protect the innocent pilots of New Eden as they venture into different parts of known space. This is why over the past few weeks we've been solely focusing on the biggest criminal syndicates of New Eden: GoonSwarm Federation and their blue allies. 

While our enforcement efforts may never be known, often done in secret -- our duty to protect the innocent and to free the slaves within the media Goon empire has largely been fulfilled. We can be happy that thousands of slaves are now scattered in different parts of the galaxy enjoying their pap-free gaming experience.

Today, we went back to our normal patrol areas in the crime rich areas of Tama, Lonetrek, and surrounding areas, and we found several pilots violating the law:

Attacking an Innocent Vexor in Low Sec
Kill: Asher Elias (Phantasm) - Asher, part of the criminal empire of GSF, who touts they fight undermanned attacked an innocent Vexor with a gang. Sadly, his online girl partner, Izalis, and Thomas (an undercover Ninja agent) escaped.

The Rapid Withdrawal Gang
Kill: Assetaline Arseslutery (Machariel) - 2bn Mach attempting to smart bomb innocents
Kill: danklordkush (Exequror) - conspiring to assist the Mach
Kill: Nate Altol (Zealot) - conspiring to assist the Mach
Kill: Nick Slaney (Augoror) - conspiring to assist the Mach
Kill: Etan Altol (Vexor) - tried to cyno in a Thanatos and 10 VNIs to attack
Kill: Chester Waldron (Armageddon) - tried to bait and undock Thanatos/Guardians/etc

Kill: Missy Black (Talos) - Smeg being Smeg
Kill: Mining Jayne (Exequror) - multiboxing gone wrong

Tempest Legion
Kill: Tommy Mernher (Scythe Fleet Issue) - Going after haulers from hsec to lsec
Kill: Dominic Solarus (Hurricane) - conspiring to assist gate campers
Kill: Industrial Dictator (Scythe) - conspiring to assist gate campers

Vendetta - High Sec "Elite PVPers"/"Mercs"
Kill: Max GrimFang (Proteus) - chased one of our HKs as a war target for 5j only to find Ninjas
Kill: BHAAL60RN (Oneiros) - lol because he can't multibox this criminal rep'd the target!
Kill: BHAAL60RN (Capsule) - lol

Kill: Fukurokuji (Tengu) - attacked our innocent procurer
Kill: Kanonier Nairo (Gila) - crime against prospects
Kill: snowman1 (Gila) - crime against prospects
Kill: Sniper Bros15 (Ishtar) - for enslaving Geckos
Kill: Catherine Laartii (Curse) - for having small nos's