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9th of June – Region: Providence – System: Y-MP
Objective: Destruction of Citadel – Fortizar Class

The Citadel expansion brought a new source of content to New Eden: citadels.  These stationary behemoths are currently being deployed in all areas of space by alliances of all kinds. Small groups usually start with the Astrahus class, (est. price point 2 billion ISK) to provide basic services for members if there is no access to Outposts (Stations) and to use them to stage in hostile space.

For bigger Alliances or even Coalitions the Fortizar class is much more interesting – it offers the ability to dock capitals and holds much more firepower than its little brother. Being similar in price to a Supercarrier, they attract much more attention from hostile entities.  Every single one of these has to go through an anchoring period, at the end of which they become vulnerable for 30 minutes while not having any defence systems operational. This period is where the citadel is at its most vulnerable, and provides a great window of opportunity for any enemy fleet.

Spectre Fleet recently took note of the Provi-Block Coalition looking to fortify their region even further by placing Fortizars all over Providence and Catch. This presented our community with another great opportunity for fights and some of our FCs were quite eager to take the chance.

After a previously unsuccessful attempt to destroy a hatching Fortizar in Providence by a Spectre Omen Navy Fleet (est. size 70 pilots), which got shut down by a Capital response fleet accompanied by a Machariel and Zealot Fleet (est. size 140 pilots) we decided to take our chances again, this time with more preparation and planning. Although the Fortizar lived in the end, the battle for the Fortizar itself was quite bloody with over 13 billion ISK destroyed between 3 parties.

Spectre Fleet turned up to the fight with a 110 man strong Omen Navy Fleet consisting of 60 DPS Ships with 10 T2 Logistics as backbone of the fleet along with  various support cruisers (total of est. 90 Cruisers).  The Provi Bloc brought about 140 pilots to the table with 11 Combat Carriers to support 40 Navy Apocalypse Battleships that had ~16 T2 Logistics aswell as a FAX Apostle as support.

The initial fight on the Citadel grid involved Spectre Fleet engaging HIC/Ewar ships that tried to pin the outgunned Spectre Fleet down to test the enemies' ability to tank, while also checking if our logistics cruisers were able to withstand the heavy fire of 10 Carriers and 40 Navpocs.  Being unable to break more than a few Heavy Interdiction Cruisers and Recon ships Spectre Fleet disengaged and moved itself to the Kari gate.

The support from HardKnocks and LaserHawks that Spectre Fleet initially called in didn’t arrive in time for the Citadel timer, but as always unexpected things happen in EvE Online and the Provi Capitals Docked up while the NavPoc Fleet prepared to leave System through the D61A-G Gate just as our support Fleet arrived in full force.

Splitting themselves from their capital support fleet, the NavPocs presented Spectre with a unique opportunity and the FC immediately moved the fleet towards the D61A Gate to engage the now significantly weakened Provi Fleet. Initially upon landing Spectre Fleet managed to catch a few NavPocs before they could MJD away the biggest part of their fleet to reposition. The Provi Fleet decided to ping and warp down to assist their tackled ships which resulted in them landing in close proximity to the Spectre Fleet, which used its good application and high speed/low sig to tank wear down the hostile fleet. The “Slippery Pete” Tengus that HK/LZHX brought in aided that process even further. As soon as the Provi-Capital wing landed on grid, Spectre attempted to escape the now unfavorable engagement and while the last standing HIC cruisers on the Provi side were removed Providence went on to headshot the Spectre FC in an attempt to crush a successful extraction.
Fortunately, however, tackle had been removed by the time the Spectre FC went down and the fleet was able to disengage and escape.

The final butcher’s bill shows 8 billion ISK lost on the Providence side while Spectre Fleet lost 4 billion ISK. All in all this was a fairly even fight in terms of numbers but Providence was able to outgun Spectre Fleet and their allies LZHX/HK due to its ability to field capitals in their home region.