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Looking for something to do this weekend? Spectre Fleet has you covered! We've got four days of events lined up for your pewing pleasure.

Read on and put us on your calendar:

Friday 1900

Perhaps you've heard that Spectre Fleet Alliance will be taking part in this year's Alliance Tournament? Get on Spectre Mumble to make plans, brainstorm doctrines, and get all the latest updates from your Team Captain, Jayne! Not in the alliance, but still interested in helping the team practice? The more the merrier! Come join us!

Friday at 2000

Immediately after the AT meeting, help our illustrious leader celebrate Canada Day! Get into an interceptor or a command destroyer and roam in the "1000 Cuts" fleet. Bring beer, we're going to be doing the kessel run even faster than 12 parsecs.

Saturday at 1900

Ganked forms up in Esescama. We're flying the Ironman doctrine, so grab that Proteus and get in fleet! Doctrine seem a little pricey this week? Don't worry! SRP is active, so you'll get 300m ISK if you explode! You won't want to miss this fight!

Sunday at 1900

Who is the best Fleet Commander in Spectre? Help us find out by taking part in the very first installment of the Commander's Cup. This repeating event, which will be held every Sunday for the foreseeable future, pits two of Spectre's Fleet Commanders against each other in a true fight to the death. The winner gets prestige, prizes, and a ton of bragging rights. Who's the best?

Monday at 1900

It's the 4th of July! Let's celebrate by sharing FREEDOM with all of our Russian friends by roaming in an All-American Eagle fleet. Afterwards, we'll set off once more into Providence with a Rupture fleet at 2300. Don't forget your fireworks!

Looks to be a great weekend - see you in fleet!