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We were alerted yesterday evening to a Fortizar being anchored in F9E, Catch, on discord. As soon as we saw the notification we confirmed the intel and sent out pings to different entities across EVE to see if anyone wasinterested ina fight. Waffles and Horde offered their support to Spectre and we waited to see if anyone else would want to join us and kick Volt’s sandcastle. Nobody else was either in range or had no easy access to get to the system where the Fortizar was being anchored, so with our 3 groups ready and waiting we went to discussing doctrines, timers, and other intelligence.

It was determined that Apex would be the Spectre Fleet FC  and us ONIs, I (Brenda Delaney-Hall) would be responsible for making bookmarks, giving intel, and helping to coordinate between our forces. Avaren Dias was to FC Horde in Armor Vexors, and Reza Nafaji would be in charge of Waffles with Cerberus’s.



An hour or so before the Fortizar became vulnerable we all entered a private chat and started sharing things like timers, fleet doctrines, and hostile fleet movements. I was in charge of making bookmarks and searching for enemy gangs or fleets that might try to fight us. We were informed Volt would be fielding Feroxes against us so we got ready to fight.

Whilst waiting for Pandemic Horde and Waffles to get closer I went out into Catch to confirm the timer and look for gangs or fleets, and to also make bookmarks for our fleets to ping to in case of bombers or hostile reinforcements. On my way to F9E I encountered a caracal gang with a stop bubble in HED, in line with our hisec in-gate. I gave the dscan to the FCs and went on my way.

After entering F9E I warped to the citadel at 100 and started making pings all around it. There were a few close calls as Volt attempted to combat probe me and warp a group of ceptors onto my last position, but I managed to evade them and successfully create a list of bookmarks for people to use.

By the time I had returned Horde were on the in-gate in highsec waiting for our go, Spectre were about to undock, and Waffles were a few jumps out but would be there soon. The call was made to undock and we headed towards Catch, ready to fight whatever may face us.


“Jump, Jump, Jump”

Spectre were undocked, a couple of systems away from the entrance to Catch, burning as fast as they could. I jumped in to scout ahead and the caracal gang was still there. Apex told everybody to jump, Horde followed us through as well. As I entered F9E from SV5 my overview lit up bright red. I’d jumped straight into the teeth of the Volt Feroxes. I took a dscan, linked it in our private chat, and kept eyes on what they did. Horde and Spectre were already on their way and in SV5, aligning towards F9E. Spectre jumped in to F9E and held our cloaks. Someone, somehow, decloaked, and Apex yelled for everyone to decloak and started calling primaries. PH followed us in but stayed cloaked for now. Volt saw the huge local spike and jumped into SV5, but not without taking casualties in the chaos and confusion beforehand. They lost a ferox or two and a couple of small ships, but the large majority of them jumped into SV5. We waited with bated breath, hoping they would jump back in. They didn’t, so we warped down to the Fortizar to start blapping it.

We started to bash the citadel with the timer at 13 minutes or so.  We knew Volt would eventually jump back in; they had to if they wanted to protect the citadel. Waffles jumped into F9E, and knowing Volt was on the other side of the gate they warped to a tac and waited whilstHorde and Spectre put full DPS on the citadel. We had more than enough to hit the cap with just those two fleets, but we were just waiting for Volt to make their next move.

After a few minutes we saw local spike. Volt had jumped back in. Apex and Horde immediately warped to the gate, and I warped to a ping to observe and try to catch out any tackle. Bubbles went up, ships went down. Feroxes started falling to combined DPS from all three fleets, their logi being unable to keep reps on 3 primaries at once. There was some confusion and friendly fire but it was cleared up relatively quickly, and we focused back on the feroxes. Volt lost the engagement categorically, but it was inevitable. They did as much damage as they could but it wasn’t enough.


The Great Siege

What happened next isn’t so interesting. After clearing up the remnants of the ferox fleet tackled on the gate we went back down to the citadel. We were fighting for only a few minutes, the timer stuck at just under 9 minutes when we started shooting the Fortizar again. This was mostly just people talking to eachother, with congratulations being passed between us in our private chat as the Forti neared ever closer to destruction, and our fleet members being excited at the prospect of killing it.

It took a while but it slowly went down, and as it hit 0% structure we all lost lock. Nothing much seemed to be happening but there was some small sparks and lights failing on the structure, and then it exploded. “Op success!”.  But it wasn’t over just yet.

CVA and Yulai Federation had formed cerberus’s to try to delay us. They arrived just a little too late to tick down the timer and stop us destroying the citadel, but that was another good fight versus the residents of providence. We went to battle-comms and got to work on peeling apart the cerbs. Primaries were followed and hostiles started to drop. The combined Yulai CVA had to warp out to avoid taking more losses, but they fought well and did what they could.

With the last providence/catch forces dealt with, and the Fortizar destroyed, we set our destination back to highsec. Scouts reported no hostiles on the way back, so we were clear to leave at our leisure. We all managed to leave catch with no further casualties. Final thanks were exchanged between FCs, and then we went our separate ways.



Volt and Provibloc gave us a good fight. It looks like they underestimated our forces as they only fielded a single 60-70 Ferox fleet at the start and didn’t bring any capital ships to fight us this time. We took minimal losses, inflicted maximum damage, and had lots of fun. Many thanks to Waffles and Horde for supporting Spectre as they did, thanks to Volt for giving us a good fight, and thank you CVA and Yulai for giving us a final skirmish at the end. Battle report linked below.

Full Battlereport Here