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This past weekend, one of Spectre Fleet's founding members, Ashurman, lost his fight with cancer.

Ash was a friend to many, and a fantastic fleet commander who helped grow Spectre Fleet from a tiny group of friends into the giant community that it is today. Whether it was his solo Exequror shenanigans, his famous frigate fleets, or his constant moose and maple syrup jokes, both the real and virtual worlds have become a little bit darker with him gone. In his last update before passing, Ash requested that I run a "big ol brawl" for him, and seeing as I don't want some crazy ghost haunting me from the other side, I feel inclined to grant his request.

Doug hosted the first memorial fleet this past Monday, which started in EC-P8R. Before the fleet departed, cyno vigil was held on the station undock, which had been renamed in his honor.

EC-P8R Ashurman Memorial Station

The fleet of over one hundred T1 Frigates made it all the way from Pure Blind to Providence, killing two Rattlesnakes, an Orca, and a Loki while enroute, before ending the fleet with a bang in a giant thunderdome on CVA's undock. As Doug said in his AAR on reddit: "It was the type of fun like tonight that built our community." However, the festivities are far from over. This coming weekend is Capsuleer Day, and CCP has decided to celebrate this by allowing Steam users to play for free, without any trial account restrictions. Conveniently, one of the things that Ashurman was most famous for was distributing extremely cheap frigate fits to new players and then swarming lowsec denziens. With the influx of new players upon us, there is no better opportunity for us to pass on his legacy. Starting this Friday, Spectre Fleet will be running frigate and destroyer fleets all weekend, and will finish with a giant Frigate Free-For-All Thunderdome in a lowsec system near Jita on Sunday at 19:00.

If you'd like to donate frigates or FC a newbro roam, please contact Jayne Fillon in-game.

Finally, we'll also be hosting a charity raffle which will run until Sunday, with all profits going directly to Plex4Good. During the memorial roam this past Monday, DBRB attempted to pipebomb the fleet in EC-P8R, and then awox the fleet as it passed through Saranen, failing both times. From the wrecks of his failed attempts we managed to scoop a pristine version of Dabigredboat's corpse. If you'd like to enter the raffle for 1x DBRB corpse, please send 10M ISK to the "Spectre Fleet" character in game. If you'd like to donate additional prizes, please make the contract to the Spectre Fleet character. There are unlimited tickets for sale, and all proceeds will go directly to Plex4Good in Ashurman's honor.

Fly dangerously!