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Greetings Pilots of Spectre!

Here is the format of the next 4th Spectre Tournament: a 2v2 knockout format with Cruisers! Registrants are required to form a 2 man team (backups are allowed) and choose a team name. The Tournament will be held on the 8th of May, 00:01 EVE Time.

If you have any questions, or would like to register, please contact Pomagre using in-game mail.

Here is the twist: Each team gets to ban a certain class of module, all modules are bannable except for modules/drones that do DPS and propulsion modules. Bans will start about half an hour before the tournament starts, registrants will start forming around 23:30 on the 7th of May.

Bannable: ECM, Stasis Webifiers, Shield Extenders, Energy Neutralizers, etc.

Unbannable: Pulse Lasers, Medium Scout Drones, Sentry Drones, Railguns, Microwarpdrives, etc.


Additional rules are as follows;

  1. Only T1 Cruisers, No Faction (Including Navy) or T2.
  2. No ship repeats. e.g Moa, Moa NOT ALLOWED. Moa, Celestis ALLOWED. 
  3. Only T2 or Meta Modules. No Faction, Storyline or DED. All ships must also have at least one propulsion module.
  4. Only T1 Rigs. 
  5. No Implants/Boosters.
  6. Swapping of ships between rounds is allowed.
  7. There will be a beacon, If anyone in the team moves further than 50km away, you will be warned the first time, if the infraction persists. the whole team is disqualified.
  8. If anyone in the team warps out, the whole team is disqualified.
  9. Time Limit is 10 Minutes.
  10. Prizes for this tournemant will be handed to the Champion and Runner-Up Team. 1st place gets handed a purse of 4bil isk. Runner-Up gets 2bil isk. (2bil per pilot and 1bil per pilot respectively) 

Participating teams will be announced probably a day or two before the tournament. If the registered pilots do not show up on time, they are disqualified and will be replaced by people who have registered late/volunteers. All are welcome to spectate/laugh at/heckle the participants.