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Well considering we haven't had a war fleet smaller than 200 people since our initial announcement, I'd like to think that everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves with the bountiful content up in the Northern regions. Although we haven't had a fight on the scale of M-O yet, it's been fun watching Caracals explode en masse, and the knowledge that a supercapital fight could break out at any moment is keeping me permanently hyped. The initial trial fleets have gone well, so expect plenty more fleets for as long as this war lasts.

Over the next 48 hours we've got even more great fleets lined up for you, as there are a lot of pretty neat timers to attend in the next few days. Starting off your Friday at 1700 is Douglas Aurelius commanding a Gila fleet, because those fucking ships simply refuse to die and let me move on. Doug is going to be hanging out around Deklien during the VFK timer to see what trouble he can get into, with other fun stuff planned as well. Secrets!

Afterwards, assuming all of the Gilas have finally exploded, I'm going to be forming an Eagle fleet at 0030 to go an try and abort a Goon titan. The timer is Friday US so I'm expecting a big fight, but if the Goons don't show, then hey dead Titan. Woo! If the Gilas do survive, then we'll likely take those out again to finally make them explode. Final call on doctrine will be made no later than 2000. If the Gilas survive after this, sell them.

If you were in my fleet yesterday you're probably screaming to yourself "OH MY GOD JAYNE PROMISED ME MAELSTROMS" and I'm terribly sorry, but we've had to delay that fleet doctrine. We don't have our triage carriers in position yet, and I really don't feel like running Arty Maels with only subcap logi, so we're going to try and get everything in place and run this doctrine properly on Saturday, for Ganked 214. More information on that to follow. (Sorry!)

Sounds good? I sure hope so!

If you're looking for the fits, they are all located on our brand new doctrine page, which can be found here. Generic support ships are listed on the bottom of the sidebar if you can't fly or don't want to fly the mainline ships requested for the doctrine. As always, even if you can't bring the requested ships, you will still be allowed to attend the fleet. Yes, even if you bring a Draek. However, don't expect us to make concessions for non-doctrine ships. The FC will not work around you if you decide to be a special snowflake.

Finally, as most of you have heard, Spectre Fleet has received an extremely generous sponsorship for this war, which is pretty fucking cool. Due to this, all losses incurred while on a war fleet will be reimbursed for their full value. Yes, you heard me right. If you insure your ship, congratulations you just made money while participating in a fleet fight. The following ship doctrines are eligible for SRP: Gilas, Eagles, Hurricane Fleet Issues, Maelstroms, Megathrons, Thousand Cuts, Longbows, and anything to do with Cloaky Ninjas, including isotopes.

So, yeah...

Lastly, since we've been approaching the maximum fleet size during our weekday fleets, I am almost positive that we're going to max a fleet out sooner or later. If and when that happens, doctrine ships will have priority for invites. If you show up for a fleet and you're not in doctrine, and we have more than 250 people who want to fly with us, then there is a chance that we're going to have to turn you away. I'm very sorry, but that's just the way it works. Strange problem to have, huh? Oh well.

Want to avoid that possibility? Fly logistics.

See you in fleet!

VFK Timers

Friday April 1st
Forming: 1700 UTC
Staging: Vuorrassi
Gureasters Doctrine

Baby Titan Kill

Friday April 2nd
Forming: 0030 UTC
Staging: Vuorrassi
Eagles or Gureasters