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The following is a submission from NPSI Legend, Mangala Solaris

Excuses, Excuses

My return to EVE following my "break" was not as glorious as some had hoped. Yes, I logged in. Yes, I took part in events... but did I organise anything? Was I the community focused guy who had left merely months before?

Fuck no.

Rather than throwing my all back into the game, I kept doing what I was doing before my return, other games, family things, working more than ever and so on. Fast forward a few months and except for helping RvB launch their new monthly NPSI roams, I have been very quiet. Hell, the things that kept me busy in real life have quietened down too so I have no real excuse to be this inactive.

A Fresh Start

I have said this many times in many different places, but the thing I enjoy most in EVE is helping others to find content, and for me the best way to do that has been through roams, events, contests and the like - and now it’s finally time to get the good ship Mangala rolling once again.

Starting in April I will be FCing public roams once again. First up I will establishing a morning roam on Wednesday’s starting on April 6th. If my maths is right this benefits the AU TZ crowd.

Dirty Crims

Wednesday April 6th
Forming: 0700 UTC
Staging: Ishomilken
Enyos and Logi Frigs

This roam will be a weekly affair with only the ship type changing. Fits will be found shortly on in the doctrine pages of the new spectre website. Alongside this I’ll be FCing some "Thousand Cuts" interceptor fleets on random days of the week, so keep an eye on the Spectre Fleet channel for those.

Of course you may be wondering what about Ganked?

Well, I’ll be FCing one or two in the coming months as well. Probably Ganked 215 and Ganked 216.

In the far future

There is only war. Not really. I have many other projects in mind, as a teaser here are a few I am looking into the viability of:

  • A public 5v5 tournament to be fought on TQ, much like the last tournament I ran for RvB back in 2014.
  • Solo PvP ladder. Who is the greatest soloist in EVE?!
  • The Mauveine Crown. A contest of some sort between all the NPSI FC’s of EVE

There you have it. As winter fades away I come out of hibernation to give you a spring and summer of content like no other!