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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you've probably heard of some very interesting happenings in New Eden - War is brewing in the north, and it's heating up... fast. Yesterday's fight in M-OEE8 was a perfect example of just how quickly this war is escalating, and how awesome all of this might become.

How big was M-OEE8 you ask? Well, here are some examples...

The previous record for the largest battle in Eve was set during the final battle of the Fountain War, 6VDT, which took place in July of 2013. The previous record for the most kills in one day was set during November of 2014, when Brave killed a PL Titan in Catch. Both of these records were broken during yesterday's battle, and over 150 Spectre Fleet members were there from beginning to end. What excites me most is that M-O was just the opening salvo in a war that is going to shape the face of New Eden, and I'm absolutely thrilled to see what happens next.

Historically, Spectre Fleet has always been neutral. We primarily stick to being a third party when we're not the instigators ourselves, and even when we do end up working with someone, it has never before been for more than one engagement at a time. Today, that changes. A great war like this is not an everyday occurrence, and if you joined the game in 2013 or later, then there is very high probability that you have never seen the universe go to war on a scale of this magnitude. If you like PvP, you do not want to miss out on this war.

What does all that have to do with Spectre Fleet? Well, put very simply, Spectre Fleet is in a unique position where we can be the bridge that allows people to participate in the war without forcing them to join an Alliance, or even leave their current Corporation. Does this mean that on occasion we'll have to alter our NPSI rules of engagement? Yes. However, I am completely confident that that joining this war is going to provide some of the most interesting content that we've seen in a long time.

This is not a decision I make lightly. I've been gathering feedback from our community as well as our commanders over the last week, and I would not have made this announcement without both group's support. Over 70% of the command team voted in favour of joining the war, and an incredible 90% of feedback from the community itself was in favor of fighting against the Imperium.

So what's next?

Tomorrow at 1800 we're going to attend the timers in Fade. We have a lot of Gilas that survived Sunday's dumpstering of Goon Hurricanes, so we're going to use them again. On Thursday at 1900, we're going to attend some timer in Tribute with Longbows. Staging systems will be Torrinos and Vuorassai respectively.

We'll also be running a lot of blops fleets in the area with everyone's favorite FC, RiotRick, so keep an eye out for some Cloaky Ninja fleets in the coming days. Additionally, when there aren't any timers to attend, we'll be bringing back the "Thousand Cuts" fleet and hunting ratting carriers in the area. Get hyped!

New to Spectre Fleet and want to get involved? Join our public chat channel "Spectre Fleet" and read the MOTD. Everyone and anyone is welcome, regardless of alliance affiliation, no SP requirements or API checks, new players welcome. We're also looking for new FC's who want to join the team. Interested? Apply here!