Fleet Commander: Xackattack Avianson

Xackattack Avianson
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Dodixie2July 12th23:20


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Fleet Type Key: Highsec Lowsec Nullsec Special Training

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This FC does not appear to have any future scheduled fleets.

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Type Date Time Form-up Fits Additional Details
12th23:20Dodixie Happy New Year Officer Marshal Destruction
12th23:20Dodixie Happy New Year Officer Marshal Destruction

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Some FCs are more spontaneous than others when it comes to forming fleets. With our wide variety of in-game as well as IRL FC backgrounds, some are better able to receive and react to situations such as sudden intel regarding High Value Targets, or a space in the schedule with be filled with some casual gate-camping.
All fleets formed by or for this FC should be listed here, whether they were scheduled or otherwise.

First recorded Last recorded Channel Type Form-up Fits Additional Details
January 23rd02:55January 23rd06:25XUP1 Irmalin Black Operations

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Spectre Incursion LokiFebruary 4th11:33