Senior Fleet Commander: Morathia

Registration date: Wednesday March 23rd 2016

Latest rank change: Sunday March 12th 2017

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 Form-up Locations

Dital1January 20th19:00


GURISTAS SPECIAL ft. Rock Muncher1January 20th19:00

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12:00 - 20:00

20:00 - 04:00

04:00 - 12:00

Fleet Type Key: Highsec Lowsec Nullsec Special Training

The upcoming fleets for this FC

This FC does not appear to have any future scheduled fleets.

This FC does not appear to have recently cancelled or rescheduled any of their future fleets.

The fleets this FC has recently formed

Recent Active Fleets

Some FCs are more spontaneous than others when it comes to forming fleets. With our wide variety of in-game as well as IRL FC backgrounds, some are better able to receive and react to situations such as sudden intel regarding High Value Targets, or a space in the schedule with be filled with some casual gate-camping.
All fleets formed by or for this FC should be listed here, whether they were scheduled or otherwise.

First recorded Last recorded Channel Type Form-up Fits Additional Details
January 20th19:10January 20th22:55XUP1 Dital Ganked 308

The fleets this FC has previously scheduled

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This is a listing of all the fleets this FC has recently scheduled that should have occured as detailed.
This can help you determine this FC's favoured doctrines, form-up locations and timezone coverage.
Rarely this list will include fleets cancelled at the last minute, or taken out by another FC in their place.

 Ordered by Date descending
Type Date Time Form-up Fits Additional Details
20th19:00Dital Ganked 308

This FC does not appear to have recently cancelled or rescheduled any of their past fleets.

 Doctrine and Fit changes

  Title Date Time
Hee LuhFebruary 17th02:38
Slippery linksFebruary 17th01:58
Combo LogiFebruary 17th01:49
GURISTAS SPECIAL ft. Rock MuncherFebruary 13th03:01
Combo LogiFebruary 4th11:33
Combo LokiFebruary 4th11:33